Client policies


Client policies of USTOI JSC are combination of principles and approaches used when dealing with potential and active clients. They result from company’s mission and corporate values.

Goals and Scope

Determine the behavior and approach of all company’s employees to clients.

Main principles

The current Client policies define the main principles of USTOI JSC regarding the supply of customer services. They result from the three main principles, which determine the company’s performance: Business knowledge, Personal approach and Transparency.

1. Business knowledge

1.1.   Determination of the needs within client’s business – The sales approaches are connected with determination of specific needs within client’s business. Client’s decision to take a loan relates to the possible gains and risks for his business – i.e. the client’s decision is rational.

1.2.   Determination of appropriate features of all products offered – The design of financial products follow the needs in businesses of the target clients. Financial potential of business is taken into account to protect client from future difficulties and negative impact to business. The change in business needs and financial potential of target clients, determines change in product features.

1.3.   Offering an appropriate loan product – The business size and financial abilities of the clients are taken into consideration when determining the loan offer. Consideration is in place whether additional financial resources would have positive effect on client’s business, would increase his creditworthiness and financial potential in the future.

1.4.    Analysis of loan appropriateness – The purpose of the loan is analyzed in such a way to consider whether the use of the loan is justified and would lead to positive impact to business in the future.

1.5.    Client’s creditworthiness is a leading factor when approving loan contracts – Loan approval is a result of extensive research of financial abilities of the client – both within business and household, in order to avoid indebtness and loan repayment problems.

2. Personal approach

2.1.    Partnership approach to client – The approaches used during contacts with clients need to be in the spirit of mutual respect, trust, tolerance and professionalism. The main goal is achievement of long-term partner relationship with the client.

2.2.   Non-discriminatory approach to client – Clients from all ethnicities receive the same respect and quality of service

2.3.   Ethical collection methods – The methods used in collecting arrears consider the specific problems in client’s business and household. The main goal is to achieve a win-win decision concerning future full loan repayment and client retention. The use of offensive language and behavior is unacceptable!

2.4.   Professional approach to the client – The supplied information concerning loan requirements and conditions is precise. Client’s time is respected in order to achieve effective and quality service.

2.5.   Confidentiality of information and data supplied by the client and his guarantors – The supplied information is adequately kept and processed in order to achieve high protection of personal data and business information.

3. Transparency

3.1.   Clear definition of all loan requirements – All loan requirements are clearly described and easily understood by the clients.

3.2.   Simple pricing – The interest rates of all financial products are clearly defined and easily calculated by the clients. 

3.3.   Pricing according to the market – The interest rates, taxes and commissions are defined with regard to the market, formed by banks’ loan products.

3.4.   Information accessibility – All loan requirements are easily accessible by the client. All taxes and commissions are adequately displayed. Changes in general terms are adequately displayed for clients to be promptly informed.

3.5.   Clear and fair contractual relations – All loan contracts are developed in the spirit of partnership, mutual gains and equal rights of the parties. The contract mode and terminology are clear and correct. The loan repayment schedules are clear and can be easily understood and calculated by the client.

3.6.    Loyalty in promotional campaigns – All promotional materials represent correctly the features of the loan products.

3.7.   Client feedback – All clients have the option to submit proposals and complaints. Replies to all proposals and complaints are fair, clear and given on time. 

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